The Ranger is the flag ship model and was designed as a lightweight every day carry knife, sporting a "Classic Tactical" appearance with clean lines, and high-­tech components. It was designed with one goal in mind: Practicality. 
-Slender and light for everyday carry.
-3.9” Blade to execute most cutting tasks.
-Full Flat grind with thin edge for ultimate cutting performance.
-Easy one handed opening and closing. User friendly deep carry pocket clip.
-The Ranger got its name from being built on the family owned Shooting Range.


  “Precise, Smooth & made to Slice!"


 -Nate Dwyer (Mrfrogs1978)
 “A sleek, sexy & solid EDC knife, in a world dominated by tactical prybars”


 -Jesse Aschendorf (Livewake)
“The Ranger represents the ideal marriage of form,  function, materials and craftsmanship”


 -Steve Condor (Thee_Condor)
“Jason Guthrie’s Ranger hits the EDC bullseye with a perfect grouping that includes excellent design, craftsmanship and ergonomics”


 -Francios Nell (franciosnell)


“The Ranger is a balanced mix of style and function”


 -Mike Dixen (Raamfam)
“Its like a line in tuxedo....”
 -Jarred Long (texas_fett)




- Bohler M390 Micro clean 3rd Generation Powder Metallurgy
- Full Flat grind with thin edge for ultimate slicing performance
- Reeve Integral Lock (R.I.L) (Frame Lock)
- G.T.I Lock (Guthrie Tungsten Insert)
- Ceramic Detent
- Hardened Stop Pin
- Solid 2 piece handle construction built from Grd5 Titanium (Ti6Al4V) and Carbon Fibre / G10 / Titanium
- Titanium pocket clip with screw through design (SA flag design)
- Free floating backspacer