Ranger XL


The Ranger XL has been summed up in two words, “Ridiculous" & "Overbuilt”. The Ranger's components were taken and maximized specifically for those collectors who like supersized, overbuilt folding knives.
-Large 8mm Pivot with M6 Screws.
-Skull Crusher.
-Heavy Jimping.
-Large 5mm thick Blade.
-Heavy Duty Pocket Clip.
- 1 mm Thick Phosphor Bronze washers.



“This is what you get when you cross a Ranger with a tank”
-Jason Guthrie


“The ergonomics and pure cutting ability of the Ranger, in a big, bad, and overbuilt platform”
“The Ranger XL looks like a tank and feels like a sportscar”
-Nate Dwyer (Mrfrogs1978)





-5mm / 0.2" Thick blade.
-Full Flat grind for ultimate slicing performance.
-Reeve Integral Lock (R.I.L) (Frame Lock).
-G.T.I Lock (Guthrie Tungsten Insert).
-Ceramic Detent.
-Hardened Stop Pin.
-8mm Oversized Pivot.
-M6/5/4 Screws.