The Mustang, a gentleman's folder, was named after the classy little pocket pistol ­Colt Mustang. Jason was looking to include a smart, clean bolster design knife into his lineup. 
The Mustang is a rare piece and is only made from expensive high-end materials such as Timascus/Lightening Strike Carbon Fiber.
With only a limited amount of Mustangs built, there are few who get to own this sleek elegant knife.




“This is the knife I grab when I want to show off to people who love knives”


-Nate Dwyer (Mrfrogs1978)



“The Mustang has all the class of a premium gentleman’s folder, with functionality fit for everyday use”


-Nate Dwyer (Mrfrogs1978)



“Its exceptional in every way, and beautiful to say the least”


-Jim Howe (Howes Knife Shop)







- Bohler M390 Micro clean 3rd Generation Powder Metallurgy.


- Full Flat grind with thin edge for ultimate slicing performance.


- Reeve Integral Lock (R.I.L) (Frame Lock).


- G.T.I Lock (Guthrie Tungsten Insert).


- Front Flipper.


- Ceramic Detent.


- Hardened Stop Pin.


- Bolster design.


- Titanium pocket clip with screw through design.


- Free floating backspacer.