Rover 2


EDC made fun!


The Rover follows the same design as it's big brother the Ranger, however shortened up to fall within the 3 inch law limit found in some states or countries.


The Rover 2 has some design changes of the previous Rover, where it is fitted with a new Harpoon wharnie blade, and slimmer handles.


It also features the Raindrop patterns in the inside of the handles and clip which is uniquely characterized by JG Custom knives.





- Bohler M390 Micro clean 3rd Generation Powder Metallurgy.


- Full Flat grind with thin edge for ultimate slicing performance.


- Harpoon Wharncliffe blade shape.


- Linerlock with Heat treated & Carbidized lock face.


- Ceramic Detent.


- Hardened Stop Pin. 


- Titanium pocket clip with screw through design.


- Rain drop pattern on the inside liner (unique to JG Custom Knives).